Dear Startup Entrepreneur, Start Building Your Personal Brand Now

The awesome idea? Check.

The partner who’s a great coder? Check.

A significant other who’s immensely patient? Check.


Sounds like you’re ready to go!

But wait. Something’s missing.


While all of these are essential pieces of the puzzle, my experience has proven that they aren’t sufficient. Great ideas are all over the place. Awesome coders can easily be found, and patient partners, well that’s more difficult…

For your new project to be a success, you also have to answer the following question:

Who am I going to help, and how are they going to find out about me?

Simply put, to change the world, the world has to know you exist.

And that’s where building your own personal brand comes in to the equation.

The 2 Fundamental Startup Scarcities

Every new startup must resolve two scarcities in order to survive:

  1. Money
  2. Early adopter customers

Together these two add up to form one specific quality – market credibility.

Obviously, your project won’t make it if you run out of gas along the way. 

Finding investors who believe enough in your project to put their hard-earned money in your hands is not an easy task. 

Think about it.

Would you give your money to a stranger just because he has a good idea?

Or instead, would you ask yourself questions?

Who is this person?
Who is on the team?
Do they have a convincing plan?
Can they execute on that plan?

And most important of all …

Can they make the sale?

While investing in a new startup often requires a leap of faith, any seasoned capitalist will be looking for key indicators that signal a reasonable possibility of success.

As the project’s leader, you are one of the most critical elements.

And that’s why your personal brand is so important.

Your personal credibility is key to convincing both investors and potential customers.

You also need to prepare for the dark side.

OK. Let’s be honest.

As I know you’re aware of … most startups fail.

There it is – right out in the open.

Even if you do everything right, there is a very real possiblity that your project will not survive.

The timing may be off.
You may have underestimated the costs.
You may have overestimated the market’s desire.
You may not have found the right team members.

A million things can go wrong, and it’s impossible to foresee them all.

For this reason, building your personal brand will offer you a clear path forward if things don’t work out.

You see, one of the biggest advantages to doing business in our country is our attitude towards failure.

After having lived abroad for over twenty years, I’ve seen first-hand how unforgiving other cultures can be to people who’s projects haven’t worked out.

Luckily, in the United States we realize that a failed business is the sign of real-world on-the-job training.

If the lessons are learned, the leader will come out stronger than before.

But this requires that you cultivate a reputation strong enough to carry you through the storm.

So, although I know you’re enthusiastic and can’t imagine failure, I definitely encourage you to have in place a strategy for moving forward, just in case.

Build Your Personal Brand – What You Need to Do

Now that you’re convinced that building your own personal brand is of vital imporance, we need to discuss how you can accomplish this while not taking your eyes of the ball with your new startup project.

After all, you’re busy, and as thing move forward you’ll only be busier.

That’s why you need to fulfill two fundamental requirements:

  1. A clear and actionable plan that doesn’t require too much time.
  2. The self-discipline to execute the plan.

Your Clear Personal Branding Plan

So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Define your Unique Personal Value Proposition – 5 words or less that clearly transmit what you’re all about.
  2. Learn to tell your story in a compelling way.
  3. Cultivate media contacts and appear in the media as often as possible
  4. Build an audience of people who follow what you have to say. Use every medium possible (email, social media, a personal blog…)

Still sound a bit overwhelming?

That’s why we put together PersonalBranding.Zone.

I understand you’re busy and don’t want to invest hours and hours of your time.

You want the rewards without all the hassle.

By signing up to our program you will learn the tricks of the trade and will be able to leverage the tools you need to grow your personal brand without having to forget your friends and family.

If you like, we can even do the heavy lifting for you.

For more information, see our Membership Information Page or contact me personally.

P.S. Good luck with your new project!


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