Good Copywriting Demystified

It’s really a mystery.

In fact, most people die without discovering how to write decent copy.

But for the few of us who really love “the art,” we have an uncanny advantage in the marketplace.

In a recent blog post on Daniel Bennet’s blog, Suzi wrote a really great piece about copywriting and getting ahead of the game.

Here’s an excerpt and a link:

Brazilian novelist, Paulo Coelho, once said “Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act”, and I instinctively knew when it was time to step out of motherhood, get back into the workplace and join the powerful branding team at Bennett Design.

“Let me introduce myself. By day, I’m a copywriter, wordsmith and marketer, and by night, a mother and wife.”

Like many parents out there, I’m a juggler – my talents range from writing fast-paced copy up against tight deadlines one minute to trying to stop a three-year-old from smearing mashed potato into the new carpet the next.

However, as Charlie discussed in a previous blog post, it’s all about achieving a good work-life balance.

Having worked in the marketing and journalism industries for many years (not just in the UK but further afield too), I missed the buzz when the words are finally pieced together. I missed the nervous excitement a writer feels when approaching the deadline they never thought they’d make, or when some finely crafted copy absolutely delights a fussy client.

The thrill is in the execution – starting a project and focusing on actually finishing it – and I am your actual executioner. From an initial brief, right through the branding process to the finished, polished product, I ensure that all my projects take on a measure of urgency and precision to produce only the very best results.

“This is what I hope to bring to the table at Bennett Design.”

via Lego, Mashed Potato And The Art Of Good Copywriting

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