Personal Branding Secrets for Nonfiction Authors

Well, it must be true.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t have bothered.

If you’ve written (or are writing) a book, you obviously believe that you have somehting to say.

Somewhere deep down you are trying to satisfy the primal need to communicate with your fellow man.

I know this, because I too have heard the call.

I too have suffered the long nights and endless editing sessions that come with writing a book.

That’s why I feel so strongly about the secrets I’m going to share with you in this post.

You see, all too often “writing the book” can become the largest obstacle between you and the satisfaction of connecting with your readers.

It simply isn’t enough.

If you honestly want to make a difference with your book, you must treat the entire process from a holistic entrepreneurial point-of-view.

You book is your product – no more, no less.

Making an impact in the lives of your readers is the true profit.

And like any business, you can only profit if you make the sale.

That’s why, as an author, building your own personal brand is so important.

Because in today’s world the ugliest truth about writing is that, no matter who publishes your book, the only person responsible for attracting readers is you. Unless you are a well-known celebrity, even the most prestigious publishing houses will, at best, do a half-assed job of marketing your book.

The sooner you accept this, the better off you’ll be.

So now, let’s roll up our sleeves and get down to the nitty gritty.

The single most important turning point for any author is getting the book published.

In fact, in many ways, your life will be divided into two clear periods:

  1. Before being published
  2. After being published

And your personal branding efforts will play an essential role in both of these periods.

Personal Branding Before Your Book Gets Published

From the very moment that you decide to write your new book, you need to start working on cultivating a strong personal brand.

This means that you need to clearly define who your target audience is.
This means that you need to learn to tell your personal story in a compelling way.
This means that you need to start preparing yourself as a media personality.
This menas that you need to build a following of loyal fans.

You see, authors with interesting things to say are a dime a dozen.

However, authors with interesting things to say, who bring a well-defined audience to the table are genuinely scarce.

And if you want to attract a good publisher, you desperately need to show that you’ve got these four pillars covered!

Imagine the difference between two very similar conversations with “Ed” the big-name publisher:

“Hi Ed, my name is Art the Author and I’m writing a really unique book about…”


“Hi Ed, the reason I’m writing a book for ________ is because (tell your story). Oh, and by the way, did I mention that I already have 5,000 people interested in reading the book?”

Which conversation is going to pique Ed’s curiosity more?

Personal Branding After Your Book Gets Published

Wow, you finally finished!

The baby is born and is off to the presses. Congratulations.

Now it’s time to get off your butt and start working.

This is where the hard work of getting your brand off the ground has to be ramped up.

Accept it now. Selling and promoting your book is no one else’s job.

By now you should have followers on social media. Get more.
By now you should have an email list of subscribers. Make it grow.
By now you should have appeared in the media. Search for more opportunities.

For your new book to be a success you need to get the word out.

Your publisher needs to see buzz, attention and most importantly sales.

The rewards of being seen as a successful author are many:

You will be considered an expert.
People will want to hear what you have to say.
You can leverage this success in all your professional endeavours.

However, it can only happen if you build a strong personal brand.

That’s why we put together PersonalBranding.Zone.

By signing up to our program you will learn the tricks of the trade and will be able to leverage the tools you need to grow your brand without having to forget your friends and family.

For more information, see our Membership Information Page or contact me personally.

Oh, and by the way, good luck with your book!


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