Personal Branding Strategies for Established Business Owners

Please, no.

Don’t give me more hats to wear.

After all, it’s hard enough building and running a profitable business without piling on more stuff to do.

Why the hell would I want to worry about building a personal brand?

As a business owner, you’ve already proven yourself not to be stupid. So it’s only natural that you might be asking these hard-hitting questions.

However, in the next few minutes you’re going to learn and accept three (yep, three) powerful reasons for why you should start building your personal brand today.

But first, let’s put this conversation in context.

  1. You own and operate an established business. (If not… well, thanks anyway for reading)
  2. You’ve asked yourself the question about whether you should cultivate your own brand.
  3. You’re reading an article by some marketing whiz you’ve probably never met.

Which leads me to draw two clear conclusions:

  1. You’re busy, so let’s cut straight to the chase.
  2. If my reasons aren’t sound, you’re going to think I’m a real flake.

So here goes.

As an established business owner, you must cultivate your own personal brand.

Reason 1: If you don’t separate yourself from your business, you’re totally screwed.

It took me years to learn this lesson, but believe me it’s true.

Nothing is worse than building and growing a business where you’re the key ingredient to making money and keeping the doors open.

Look around you.

Airplanes have multiple redundant failsafe measures to protect against mechanical breakdowns.
Football teams have backup quaterbacks in case of injuries.
Your car has a spare tire (at least I hope it does).

So, why the hell would you want your business to depend on a single, very mortal, person?

Companies that can’t separate their owners from their business suffer from two critical maladies:

  1. They aren’t scalable (until cloning is perfected, at least)
  2. The owner’s life is more miserable than wearing a parka on a hot summer day.

By dedicating some time and energy towards building your personal brand, almost by default, you’ll begin to separate yourself, in your mind, from your business.

If you feel married to a 24 hour a day job, then stop and learn this lesson.

Believe me, you’ll thank me for it!

Reason 2: A strong personal brand will inevitably help you grow your business.

By positioning yourself as an authority in your marketplace, you are unleashing two very powerful forces.

First and foremost, you know longer have to “sell” your products and services. Instead, people will naturally seek your advice and will be happy to pay for your assistance.

There is no better marketing than being seen as a recognized expert in your field.

However, not only will this help you attract new customers, but it will also elevate the quality of the leads.

You see, the best customers want to work with the leaders in their industry.

And guess what?  That’s you!

Secondly, building a powerful personal brand will open the floodgates to new strategic collaborations.

When I was a kid I was fascinated by the idea that a small group of men (sitting in plush leather chairs in smoke filled salons) wielded great power and influence over society.

Years later I realized that those men were not necessarily the best at what they do.

However, they are perceived as the best.

By building your personal reputation as an authority figure, you are in effect putting in place the key essentials necessary for being admitted into that smoke-filled room where the best deals are made.

Reason 3: Your exit strategy depends on it.

Unless you have decided that you are going to diligently work in and on your current business until the day you die, you need to be planning a winning exit strategy now.

Usually this entails one of two possible methods:

  1. You sell your business and move on.
  2. You pass your business on to the next generation of your family.

In both cases having a strong personal brand is a big plus.

In order to successfully sell your company, you need to be able to prove that you have learned the first lesson from this article. After all, would you buy a business that depends exclusively on one human being?

By having a well established and recognized reputation you will be subtly attracting players who are interested in entering your market.

If, on the other hand, you are planning on affecting a generational transition, then your personal brand will be of huge benefit to your succesors.

As they take on the leadership roles in the company, your presence as a thought leader and market authority will lend enormous credibility to the ongoing viability of the company.

And perhaps most importantly of all, you get to take your personal brand with you when you leave!

Although you may only be thinking of retiring and sipping margaritas, who knows what opportunities lie ahead?

Perhaps you’d like to mentor younger business people?
Maybe you’ll feel like starting a new company?
Possibly you’d like to bring in additional income through consulting?

A powerful, well-known personal brand will make all of these possible after you’ve left your current business.

So there you have it.

Three clearly thought out and inarguable reasons WHY you should be building your personal brand.

But now the question remains… 


That’s why we put together PersonalBranding.Zone.

We understand you’re busy and don’t want to invest hours and hours of your time.

You want the rewards without all the hassle.

By signing up to our program you will learn the tricks of the trade and will be able to leverage the tools you need to grow your personal brand without having to forget your friends and family.

If you like, we can even do the heavy lifting for you.

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P.S. I sure hope you don’t think I’m a flake…


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