The 10 Most Powerful Personal Brands of All Time

What could be more significant to your professional success?

After all, a powerful personal brand, opens doors and alleviates objections – no matter what your goals may be.

In fact, in our new always-connected society where we’re all just a million youtube views away from becoming instant celebrities, cultivating our own personal brands is almost a question of survival.

So, who did best?

This list compiles the absolute 10 most powerful personal brands of all times.

Our exclusive panel of experts (aka, good ole’ me) set out to find the answer.

Here’s what we took into account…

  1. The people (yes, sorry Mickey this list is only open to human beings) on this list must still be instantly recognizable. For example, I decided that King Tut’s death mask didn’t make the cut.
  2. They are known worldwide – we’ll build lists for specific geographic areas in the future.
  3. They consciously expended effort to attract an audience. After all, if you got famous on accident that’s not really a brand, is it?
  4. They significantly impacted the lives of people (for good or bad).
  5. They had a compelling story to tell.
  6. They built a significant following.
  7. They had a message they were trying to spread.
  8. They were/are talked about in the media.

Aside: For my loyal followers, can you match the last four points to each of the 4 Laws of Personal Branding?

So, with no further ado….

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